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Effective November 16, 2020, I have been appointed as the full time Chair of the Law Society Tribunal.

Enlightenment now!

Getting useful information to consumers of legal services

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion: What can we agree on and what can’t we?

Thoughts about self-regulation in the public interest

The cost of becoming a lawyer

What is the mandate of the Law Society?

Self Represented Parties and sharp practice by counsel. Should we be thinking differently?

The Bencher from Amazon?

Preliminary thoughts on Green, Groia and Trinity Western

The Never-Ending debate: What should be required in order to become a lawyer?

What can we learn from the English ABS experience after five years?

The Statement of Principles and Inter-Bubble Communication About Racism

Cost disease, the practice of law and access to justice

Conflicted regulation in the public interest

Contingent fees, portfolio risk and competition: Calls for reform

Greater transparency of the results of investigated complaints?

Too many new lawyers? Build a wall?

Access to Justice needs Access to Research

Access to Justice and Market Failure – Lemonish Lawyers?

The Devil’s Advocate – debating ABS

Debatable: Robo-Advisors and the future of legal services – debating Joe Groia

Unmet Legal Needs – the Challenge to Legal Practice and to Self-Regulation

Yet Again the Question Is “Where Were the Lawyers?”

Lawyers and Audits – the New Joint Policy Statement Effective December 1, 2016

Boiling Frogs, Privilege and Professional Conduct

Candid but Unsure

Principle, Not Politics

Innovate or Be Innovated?

The Law Society Tribunal and Self-Regulation

So many lawyers, so many unmet needs

Partnership Has Its Limitations

Feedback Sought on Proposed New Audit Inquiry JPS

Keeping Client Confidences and Acting With Commitment

Too Much Information!

A Different Take on ABS – Proponents and Opponents Both Miss the Point

Independence and Self-Regulation: I’m OK but I’m Not So Sure About You!

You Can’t Have It Both Ways

Professionalism and the “Fear of Walmart”: Would You Like Some Bananas With That Tort?

Being in Favour of Reform, Just Not Change

Interesting Things Happening in a Small Country – Self-Regulation and Principled Pragmatism

Utopia, Dystopia and Alternative Business Structures

A Bright Line Rule of Limited Scope

The Access to Clothing Crisis

I Gotta Tell Ya, It’s Complicated! Candour Owed to Clients1

Lost in Translation? Differing Perspectives on Legal Ethics